Meet Jenzy!

A mobile app that ensures kids get the right fit in the right shoe every time.

Did You Know?

70% of children are wearing shoes that don’t fit, which impacts their well-being for a lifetime. With Jenzy, get the right fit in the right shoe every time.

Our Approach

How it Works

Our Brands

The reality is many children’s shoes, while cute and stylish, are not developmentally appropriate. At Jenzy, we are selective in choosing the brands we recommend to parents. We only offer the highest quality shoes that are stylish, durable and designed for small, growing feet. 

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What parents say about Jenzy

"Jenzy is convenient and accurate. I wish I could do this for my own shoes!"
— Jon S.
"Before Jenzy, I ordered shoes online and just hoped that they fit. Now I can easily buy the right size shoe in all my favorite brands!"
— Tracy C.
"In less than 10 minutes, I can size and buy shoes for my 3 kids. Plus the app tells me when it is time to resize their feet!"
— Steph S.
"Every shoe brand fits differently. Jenzy takes the guessing out of buying shoes, so I can shop quickly and confidently."
— Kathryn H.
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