Why Jenzy?

The Jenzy app is a foot sizing and e-commerce app that makes it easy to buy perfectly fitted shoes for young children online.

Most kids are wearing the wrong shoe size

On average, children between 15 and 36 months grow a half shoe size every 2-4 months, meaning parents are constantly tasked with having to buy new shoes.

Sit ‘n fit shoe stores are closing

In recent years, many retail stores have closed and most department stores no longer carry kids shoes. As a result, there is a lack of stores with knowledgeable shoe fitting experts.

All sizes are not the same

Across shoe brands and even within shoe brands, sizing standards are nonexistent, making it difficult to buy shoes for children online. While there are websites that offer sizing charts and measurement tools, they are often confusing, hard to use and not specific to a particular brand and style.

Buying perfectly fitted kids’ shoes online can be easy

Shoe shopping for kids can be time-consuming and frustrating. Jenzy makes it easy to buy perfectly fitting shoes for young children all through an app on your phone.