Meet the Founders

Jenzy was born on a dirt tennis court in Yunnan, China when Eve, after buying the wrong size sneaker (again), remarked, “There should be a better way to size your feet and shop for shoes.” Carolyn agreed and the duo quickly reached out to their friends and family to ask more questions.



Our Story

After a few months of research into sizing technology and the women’s footwear industry, Carolyn took her young nieces back-to-school shoe shopping. Two hours, one narrowly averted temper tantrum and no shoes later, Carolyn called Eve and said, “We need to create a solution for sizing and shopping not for women, but for kids.”

Conducting market research like every savvy Millennial, the two turned to Facebook to get some deeper insight:


Motivated by this honest (and rather passionate response), the duo began talking to experts in the kid footwear industry. They discovered that 70% of kids are wearing the wrong size shoe! The lack of brick and mortar stores with shoe sizing experts, combined with the sizing variability persistent between and even within brands, makes buying kids’ shoes both frustrating and difficult.

So on September 1, 2016, Eve and Carolyn registered their business, Jenzy – a name derived by Generation Z – the demographic of children they would focus on sizing. Since then, the two first time entrepreneurs have created a patent-pending technology, conducted beta tests with over 300 moms and dads and formed partnerships with some of the leading kid shoe brands on the market.

Located in the city of Brotherly Love, the team at Jenzy is working day in and day out with one goal in mind: to create a shoe shopping experience that empowers busy parents to feel confident when buying shoes for their children.

The perfect fit in every pair




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