It all starts with the shoe

Kids’ shoe sizing varies drastically between, and even within, brands. The same child could fit a 6 US in Vans, but a 7 US in Converse! Jenzy’s team measures every shoe on our marketplace, inside and out, to ensure we get your kiddo the right size in each pair.


Shoe styles measured


Data points collected


Less returns

We’ve done the research so you don’t have to. Our team collects up to 20 data points about each style including width, material, and lace type. All of this information is aggregated to power our fit algorithm and each size & style recommendation you receive.

150k little feet & counting

We know how each shoe will fit, so all we need from you is a little information on the shoes your child is currently wearing. Our fit algorithm matches every pair on our marketplace to their unique size, always giving them room to grow.


Feet sized


Fit accuracy

Jenzy’s fit accuracy is 3x the industry average, saving you time and money on returns. As your kiddo grows and grows, our algorithm keeps learning to guarantee you the perfect fit every season!

Feet grow fast

Kids grow up to 9 sizes in their first 3 years. The younger they are, the faster they grow: under 15 months, Baby’s feet can grow a half size every 2 months! Up to age 5, your little one can still go up a half size every 4 months. Put simply, that’s a lot of new shoes, all the time.

Jenzy helps you keep up through resizing reminders based on your kiddo’s growth and accurate recommendations every step of the way.

Baby's first kicks

There’s nothing we love more than helping new parents get that first perfect pair of tiny shoes. Even if your baby hasn’t worn shoes before, or isn’t walking yet, our team will use information about their age and growth to determine the perfect fit.

70% of Jenzy’s customers are parents of first time walkers, so this is our area of expertise. Our Customer Success team is available to help get you the answers you need to buy your first shoes with confidence!

4 tips for checking fit

Those little toes should be able to move freely. If your child is 4 or younger, there should be less than a finger’s width between their toes and the end of the shoe. For kids older than 4, look for a thumbnail’s width of space.
Ensure that the shoes’ heels are secure. When walking or jumping, the heel should not slip down.
Check the ball of the foot (the widest part, just below the toes) to make sure the shoe isn’t tight in this area.
Don’t worry if the shoe is a little long at first! Parent hack: have your child wear thicker socks for the first few weeks.

Check out Jenzy’s YouTube channel for more information on fit & best shoes for each stage of development!

The perfect fit in every pair




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