Most Frequently Asked Questions

How does Jenzy help me find the perfect shoe?

Why am I not asked to select a size when adding a shoe to my cart?

My child sized as a 6 US, but you sent me a 7 US. Is this a mistake?

Where do Jenzy's shoes ship from?

What are Jenzy's shipping and returns policies?


How does Jenzy measure my child’s foot?

How long does it take for Jenzy to measure my child's foot?

How can I be sure that the shoe size is correct?

Does the app take shoe width into consideration for kids who need wide sizes?

How does Jenzy measure shoes?

How often should I be sizing my child’s foot?

What if my child has 2 different sized feet?

Can I size my child’s foot without shopping?

Can I shop without sizing my child’s foot?

What sizes does Jenzy carry?

Taking the Photo

What is the best way to take the photo if my child is UNDER 2 years old?

What is the best way to take the photo if my child is OVER 2 years old?

When taking the photo, does the card need to be in a specific location?

I just got a notification saying that Jenzy requests a new photo, what does this mean?

What type of card should I use in the photo?

Shopping on Jenzy

What shoe brands do you carry?

How does Jenzy select the shoe brands it carries?

How much do shoes on Jenzy cost, on average?

When shopping in the app, how do I remove an item from my cart?

How do I know what size shoe you are going to send?

If I have a question about a particular shoe, who do I contact?

Are there limits to how many times I can use a promotion code on Jenzy?

Shipping and Returns

What is Jenzy’s return policy?

How do I return a pair of shoes to Jenzy?

Do you ship internationally?

Where is Jenzy shipping its shoes from?

How long do shoes take to arrive?

Do you accept returns of used shoes that no longer fit?


Does Jenzy store my credit card information?

Is the picture of my child’s foot stored?

Where can I find Jenzy’s Privacy Policy?

Where can I find Jenzy’s Terms and Conditions?

App Features

What is the "Share a Shoe" button in my shopping cart?

What do the options "Fit Now" and "Fit Later" mean?

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