Most Frequently Asked Questions

What's the benefit to sizing & shopping on the Jenzy app?

How does Jenzy help me find the perfect shoe?

My child was sized as a 6 US, but their recommended size in the shoes I selected is a 7 US. Is this a mistake?

Where do Jenzy's shoes ship from?

What are Jenzy's shipping and returns policies?

What is the “Refer and Earn $15” button in my Jenzy app?


How do I get started with the Jenzy App?

Does Jenzy factor orthotics needs into sizing?

Does Jenzy require a photo of my child’s foot for sizing?

How can I be sure that the shoe size is correct?

Does the app take shoe width into consideration for kids who need wide sizes?

How often should I size my child’s foot?

Can I size my child’s foot without shopping?

Can I shop without sizing my child’s foot?

What sizes does Jenzy carry?

Shopping on Jenzy

What shoe brands do you carry?

How does Jenzy select the shoe brands it carries?

How much do shoes on Jenzy cost, on average?

If I have a question about a particular shoe, who do I contact?

Are there limits to how many times I can use a promotion code on Jenzy?

Shipping and Returns

How do I return a pair of shoes to Jenzy?

What is Jenzy’s return policy?

Do you ship to P.O. boxes or internationally?

Where does Jenzy ship its shoes from?

On average, how long do shoes take to arrive?

Do you accept returns of used shoes that no longer fit?


Does Jenzy store my credit card information?

Where can I find Jenzy’s Privacy Policy?

Where can I find Jenzy’s Terms and Conditions?


What is the "Share a Shoe" button in my shopping cart?

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Who should I contact if I’m interested in a partnership with Jenzy?

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