Most Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get my child’s sizing results?

It typically takes 0-4 hours to receive your child’s sizing results. We are currently a small team, so thank you for understanding!

Can I upload a photo of my child’s foot through the app?

The Jenzy app does not currently support uploading photos taken outside of the app.

How does Jenzy help me find the perfect shoe for my child?

Jenzy will recommend shoes for your child based on their stage of development. After checkout, our team reviews your child’s sizing photo, looks at the measurements of the specific shoe you purchased, and will send the correct size.

Why am I not asked to select a size when adding a shoe to my cart?

Every shoe brand fits differently and a child will often wear different sizes in different shoes. At Jenzy, we aim to take the guesswork out of shopping for your kid's shoes so you don't need to select the size while adding items to your cart. After checkout, our sizing team reviews your child’s sizing photo, looks at the measurements of the specific shoe you purchased, and sends the correct size.

My child sized as a 6 US, but you sent me a 7 US. Is this a mistake?

It is common for a child to be wearing a different size shoe than the size their foot measured  at. This is due to the fact that every brand manufactures their shoes differently which can make shoes run big or small. Our team chooses the size of the shoe based on what we know about your child’s foot measurements, as well as the brand that makes those shoes.

Where can I find my child’s shoe size measurements in the app?

You can always view your child’s most recent measurements (mm and general US shoe size) in their Jenzy profile. Open the Jenzy app, go to the "my kids" tab, and then go into their individual profile. Jenzy will keep track of the last time you sized and remind you when it is time to resize.

The status in my child’s profile says waiting for results, what does that mean?

If the status in your child's profile that says 'Waiting for Results,’ then your photo is in the queue to be sized. It typically takes 0-4 hours to receive your child’s sizing results. We are currently a small team, so thank you for understanding!

Help! I have a squirmy little one, how do i get them to sit still for the sizing photo?

Wait for your child to take a nap! When laying on their back, prop their leg up and place the card next to their foot (or slightly under it) to snap a photo.

Recruit a friend to help you size. One person will sit on the floor and support your child as they stand. The second person will take the photo.

If your child is extra squirmy (most are!), try putting a few cards on the floor. That way they can try to step on one, but you still have another card in the photo to act as the item of reference.

Can my child wear socks when taking the photo?

Yes, as long as the socks are tight on the foot, so we can clearly see the heel and toe endings. Fuzzy socks, slipper socks, onesies, or anything that will have a baggy fit are not recommended.


How does Jenzy measure my child’s foot?

Through one photo on the Jenzy app, we will calculate their foot measurements (general US size and mm) using a standard size card as the item of reference. Jenzy’s proprietary technology is very accurate - calculating foot length within +/- 4mm of accuracy - which is half a child’s shoe size! 

How can I be sure that the shoe size is correct?

Once the shoes arrive, we’ll ask you to check a few things to make sure it’s a perfect fit including:

1. The child can move their toes freely. There should be a space the width of your thumbnail between their toes and the front of the shoe. 

2. The heel of the shoes is secure. There should be no slippage when the child is walking or jumping. 

3. The ball of the child’s foot (which is the widest part of the foot) fits comfortably within the shoe, and doesn’t feel too tight or pinched.

Does the app take shoe width into consideration for kids who need wide sizes?

The Jenzy app does take foot width into account when determining the best size in a specific shoe. Once you've sized and placed an order, our shoe-sizing expert will compare your child's measurements to the shoe's measurement and match them with the best size in that shoe. If for any reason the shoe you selected isn't a good fit width-wise, we'll recommend alternative styles that have a similar look and feel.

How does Jenzy measure shoes?

When we add a new shoe to our inventory, we consider every factor of how that shoe was constructed. We look at the fit and feel of every shoe to understand if it runs big, small, wide, etc. Then we know what size a child should be wearing in each shoe that’s selected. By bringing a comprehensive approach to sizing, we can produce an extremely personalized size recommendation for each child.

How often should I be sizing my child’s foot?

Based on growth projections, children ages 0-6 should be resized every 2-3 months. You will receive notifications from Jenzy when it is time to resize your child’s foot to ensure that they are always wearing properly fitted shoes.

What if my child has 2 different sized feet?

To get the best size recommendation for a child, users should take a photo of the bigger foot.

Can I size my child’s foot without shopping?

Yes, sizing through Jenzy is completely free. We will provide your child’s foot length in millimeters, as well as their general US shoe size in your child’s profile. (A note: It typically takes 0-4 hours to receive your child’s sizing results.) 

However, the US size that your child is and the size you should buy for them may vary. Continuing to the Jenzy e-commerce store and viewing the personalized recommendations by brand and style is the best way to ensure you are buying the correct size shoes for your child.

Can I shop without sizing my child’s foot?

Of course! However, we strongly recommend sizing your child’s foot with the Jenzy app before making a purchase. The most common method for buying new shoes is buying the next size up, which often results in a poor and uncomfortable fit. Jenzy makes online shoe buying easy and convenient, and ensures that young children, ages 0-6, get the right fit in the right shoe every time.

What sizes does Jenzy carry?

Jenzy carries shoes for infants to 8 years old (sizes 6-12 months up to Youth 3 US). However, we specialize in footwear for first walkers and toddlers and have the largest selection of shoes for those development stages.

Taking the Photo

What is the best way to take the photo if my child is UNDER 2 years old?

If your child is under 2 years old, we recommend having them lay on their back, prop their leg up and place the card next to their foot (or slightly under it) to snap a photo.

What is the best way to take the photo if my child is OVER 2 years old?

If your child is over 2 years old, position your child’s heel and the top edge of your phone against a wall. We recommend rolling up their pant leg and having them bend their knee.

When taking the photo, does the card need to be in a specific location?

 No, the card can be placed anywhere around the foot. As long as you can clearly see three of the four corners of the card, the photo will be accurate.

I just got a notification saying that Jenzy requests a new photo, what does this mean?

If you have received this error message, it means our team was unable to size your child’s sizing photo. Common reasons for this may be that we were unable to see their heel or toe in the photo, three corners of the card were not visible, etc. Look at the specific message in your child’s profile and proceed with taking a new photo by pressing “Size now.”

What type of card should I use in the photo?

Any standard credit card, library card, or member card will do! We do not recommend using a card that includes sensitive information such as credit card numbers, however, you can put a piece of tape over the card numbers while making sure the length of the card is still visible.

Shopping on Jenzy

What shoe brands do you carry?

Jenzy is proud to offer the following brands: Adidas, Aston Baby, Bogs, Capizio, Cienta, Converse, Florsheim, Footmates, Hunter, Hush Puppies, Igor, Keds, Keen, Livie and Luca, Merrell, Morgan and Milo, Native, New Balance, Nike, Pediped, Plae, Poco Nido, Robeez, Salt Water, Saucony, See Kai Run, Sperry, Stride Rite, Tip Toey Joey, Tsukihoshi, Ugg, and Vans. 

If you have any recommendations for a brand that you love that you don’t see in this list, please email us at with the subject: “New Brand Recommendation”.

How does Jenzy select the shoe brands it carries?

At Jenzy, we are highly selective in choosing the brands we partner with. We want to offer Jenzy parents awesome quality shoes that have been designed for a child’s active lifestyle. We believe that kid’s shoes should be both comfortable and well constructed, but also stylish and affordable.

How much do shoes on Jenzy cost, on average?

On average, a pair of our shoes costs $40 USD.

How do I know what size shoe you are going to send?

If you would like to know what size shoe we are sending, please send us an email at after you place the order that you would like the size to be confirmed with you before sending out the shoe.

If I have a question about a particular shoe, who do I contact?

Within the app, go the "Help" tab and send us an email. We'd be happy to answer any questions you have or recommend a specific shoe for your child.

Are there limits to how many times I can use a promotion code on Jenzy?

Yes. Currently all promotions are limited to being used once per household. 

Shipping and Returns

What is Jenzy’s return policy?

Returns are completely free and easy. All returns need to be initiated within 30 days of receiving your items. Reach out to to start your return.

The return should be postmarked within 30 days of the original shipping date. For example, if we ship you an item on June 1, your return should be in the mail by July 1.

We will not accept returns that are shipped late. Only new, unworn items can be returned for a full refund (including taxes).

Footwear should be tested and tried on carpeted surfaces only.

Returns are processed the same day that we receive your returned items. Jenzy will notify you via email when your return is confirmed. Credit refunds will be issued to the original payment method.

Jenzy reserves the right to refuse worn or damaged merchandise.

How do I return a pair of shoes to Jenzy?

To begin a return, please email with your order number.

Do you ship internationally?

At this time, the Jenzy app is only available on the App Store within the US and Puerto Rico.

Where is Jenzy shipping its shoes from?

We will notify you in your shipping confirmation email where the shoes are being shipped from. In most cases, our shoes are shipped from our warehouse, Amazon, or Zappos.

How long do shoes take to arrive?
A message about current events:
Dear Customers, Jenzy is always here for you. Due to high demand, current delivery times are running a few days longer than usual. We expect most orders to be delivered within 5-10 business days. As soon as your order ships, you’ll receive a tracking link from us.
Thank you for understanding. Stay well and thanks for shopping with us! Happy stepping,
The Jenzy Team
Do you accept returns of used shoes that no longer fit?

No, only unworn items can be returned for a full refund. Please see our return policy for further details. If you are interested in donating old shoes (great idea!), you can learn how to do so on Jenzy’s blog!


Does Jenzy store my credit card information?

No, Jenzy uses a third-party payment processor service provider to handle transactions. It is the most secure way to ensure your payment is processed safely and privately on your phone. The third party we use, BigCommerce, adheres to the standards set by PCI-DSS as managed by the PCI Security Standards Council. You can learn more about their privacy agreement here.

Is the picture of my child’s foot stored?

Yes, our team internally reviews each child’s sizing photo to calculate their foot measurements. However, Jenzy has implemented an information security program that includes administrative, technical, and physical controls designed to reasonably safeguard information that can individually identify you.

Where can I find Jenzy’s Privacy Policy?

You can view the Privacy Policy here

Where can I find Jenzy’s Terms and Conditions?

You can view the Terms of Use here 

App Features

What is the "Share a Shoe" button in my shopping cart?

This is a new feature on the Jenzy app that allows you to send your shopping cart to a loved one via email so they can purchase the shoes you've picked out for your little one! Now grandma can purchase the shoes they need in the size that fits, hassle free! Be sure to update the app to be able to use this new feature. 

What do the options "Fit Now" and "Fit Later" mean?

When selecting Fit Now, we will send you the shoe of your choice that will fit your child immediately. When selecting the Fit Later option, we will send a shoe that will fit perfectly in the next 1-2 months. The Fit Later option is perfect for buying shoes in advance for the next season!

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