Rugged Bear

Boys Sandal


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Rugged Bear

Boys Sandal




Don't see a size? Exactly! Thanks to our 1-minute fit quiz, Jenzy knows the right size for your child in every style. You choose the shoe, and leave the sizing to us.

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Rugged Bear Boy Closed-Toe Sport Sandals. Convenient hook-and-loop closure for superior fit and adjustability. This closed-toe sport sandal offers kids the best protection, perfect for the beach, pool or any spring/summer activity!

Our Perfect Fit Guarantee

Not all brands fit the same — a size 7 in a Nike may fit like a size 8 Adidas. You choose the shoe, and Jenzy's team of experts analyzes your fit quiz answers, picking the perfect size in every shoe.

We’re so confident, we offer free shipping and free returns.

Perfect Fit, Guaranteed!

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