New!! An App To Help You Size — And Buy — Kids’ Shoes

May 2nd 2018

Oooh, boy, are y’all going to love this. In roughly three weeks — just in time for summer shoe-buying season — you can download a brand new app specifically geared toward parents buying shoes for their little ones. Jenzy, the brainchild of two Philly entrepreneurs, couples some “highly accurate shoe-sizing technology” on the phone with a whole bunch of adorable shoes, which means that you don’t have to guess what size your kid is currently wearing in New Balance or Mini Melissa or Keen and then order three pairs just to be safe. You get to measure their feet and buy the shoes in one fell swoop. Do you hear that? No more piles of Amazon boxes full of tiny shoes! Just one pair, in a size you know will fit them. (Hallelujah!)