Jenzy helps parents find shoes that fit their children perfectly.

Sep 5th 2018

Jenzy, a new tech startup co-founded by Berkeley alum Eve Ackerley, aims to help parents find shoes that fit their young children perfectly. The company's product is an app that provides size recommendations by brand and style, minimizing returns, wasted shipping costs, and the commonly reported frustration of shoe-shopping with children. U.S. retailers experience an average return rate of 20 – 40 percent for online sales, and problems with fit are the most commonly cited reason. To use the app, parents take a photo of their child's food next to a library card or other standard size reference, and the app then figures out the correct size needed for the desired product. Neither Ackerley nor her business partner, Carolyn Horner, have technological or entrepreneurial backgrounds. According to this report: "Instead, both pursued liberal arts majors in college on their way to teaching English. But their problem-solving approach to a demonstrable market need and e-commerce shortfall led them to a tech-optimized solution."