Why Kids Feet Smell –– And How to Prevent It

Oct 24th 2019

Trick or treat, smell my feet! No, really, give your kids feet a sniff. Are their little feet packing a large odor? Good news: it’s normal! Read on for our tips on tackling stinky toes, and the best machine-washable kids shoes to help stave off stench. 

First, why do kids feet smell? 

Odor can be a sign of a bacterial or fungal infection, or just poor hygiene. If the odor you are smelling is accompanied by peeling skin, redness or any complaints from your child, call your pediatric physician. Otherwise, most odor will start with moisture. 

Some easy ways to avoid smells are: 
  • Wash and thoroughly dry your kids feet every day. 
  • Encourage kids to wear socks.
  • Soak your kid’s feet in mouthwash –– yes, mouthwash!–– for 5 minutes a week to help prevent fungal growth. 
  • Avoid rubber soled shoes for extended periods of time. They aren’t made of absorbent material and could promote a breeding ground for bacteria. 
  • Get machine-washable shoes! You can wash the entire shoe or just the insoles. 

Here are some of our top picks for the best kids shoes to help keep your kid’s feet clean, dry, and smell-free. Just throw right in the wash! 

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Tsukihoshi - Kaz 

Featuring removable, antibacterial insoles infused with green tea extract to help kill odor causing germs and wick away moisture. Made with breathable mesh, and lightweight for a barefoot-fee.  

Native - Phoenix  

Removable insole, mesh-ventilated, and vegan.

Pediped - Flex Force 

Removable insole, breathable mesh, and super durable! Also see Pediped’s Grip n Go Force.

We hope these tips have provided our parents with a little fresh air! 

Heads up: Put the shoes in a pillowcase and wash with a sheet or towel for best results. Please remember that “machine washable” does NOT mean dryer friendly. Sit shoes near a window or fan to dry, but avoid drying in direct sunlight.

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