Why Flip Flops Shouldn't Be Your Child's Go-To Summer Shoe

Jun 28th 2018

Summer is here! Bring on the beach, sand, and sun... but leave the flip-flops behind! Yes, leave the flip-flops behind. I know, I know, I know, they are your go-to shoe for you and your kids during the summer. But flip flops are not good for anyone’s feet for a number of reasons. The Jenzy app is now live which means it is definitely time to ditch the flip-flops and find a new summer shoe for your child!

Here are a few reasons why flip-flops are a no go:

No Support. One look at a pair of flip-flops and you can tell they are not giving your feet the proper support. Research from Auburn University shows that the thin soles on flip-flops combined with our need to keep hold of the shoe to our feet actually make us walk differently. This ultimately leads to heel and arch problems, as there is also no shock absorption or heel cushioning.

Alignment Issues. Experts say because of the lack of support, flip-flops can also cause people to shift the way they stand. This can lead to knee, hip, and back pain down the road.

Blisters.  Sure you may think the flip-flop is keeping your child’s foot cool, but the flip-flop’s thong can rub against the skin the wrong way and cause blisters. Blood blisters can even form on the bottom of the foot.

Slippery When Wet. When flip-flops get wet they get dangerous. Some doctors say they have had patients come in with foot pain after their flip-flop slipped off, putting their feet in unnatural positions.

Unprotected Feet. Think about your child’s feet in flip-flops. What’s protecting them from the sun? What’s protecting them from stubbing their toe? What’s protecting their feet if something drops? The answer to all of these questions is nothing. Flip-flops leave feet unprotected and vulnerable to the sun, bruises, and other problems.

Not Good For Activities. Summer activities like hiking, biking, and sports should not be done in flip-flops. They can fall off your child’s feet easily leading to all kinds of problems. It could really put a damper on all of that summer fun!

Now that we know why our kids shouldn’t be wearing flip-flops, the big question is what kind of summer shoe should they wear? Thankfully Jenzy has taken the guess work out of picking shoes and curated a selection of summer shoes that check every category:

* Arch & heel support

* Sole made with shock absorbing material

* Durable

Below you will find a selection of shoes that are all available on the app!