How to Get Perfectly-Fitting Kids Shoes, Every Time

Nov 5th 2019

Every parent knows that shopping for kids shoes is tough. Little feet are constantly growing, and kids shoe sizing is different from brand to brand. Your little one could be a 4 US in Nike, but a 6 US in Saucony! At worst, poorly fitting shoes can cause developmental issues. At best, parents are stuck with returns.

That’s where Jenzy comes in. Jenzy is a free app that makes it easy to get perfectly-fitting kids shoes, every time. 

Here’s how it works: 

1. Easily Size 

Just take a picture of your child’s foot in the app and Jenzy calculates your child’s exact measurements. 


2. Shop Personalized Recommendations  

Next, Jenzy recommends the best brands and styles for your child based on their stage of development. All of Jenzy’s selections are carefully curated to be comfortable, durable, and actually designed for children's active lifestyles.

3. Get the Perfect Fit

You choose the shoe, and Jenzy will select the perfect size at checkout. No more reading fit reviews or guessing the size –– Jenzy's got you covered! 

Jenzy also lets parents know when it’s time to resize, which is really helpful with keeping up with those growth spurts! 

The best part? Jenzy offers $20 off your first purchase, so if you’re in the market for spring kicks or really, any kind of perfectly-sized shoes for kids, toddlers, or first walkers, check out what Jenzy has in store. 

Download the Jenzy app for free HERE.

Happy shopping!