The Guide You Need to Choose Toddler Shoes in 2019

Apr 1st 2019

When your toddler is, well, toddling, their shoes should provide stability and style in equal measure. The Jenzy app makes it easy for parents to choose the right shoes for all of life’s first wobbly moves; whether perfectly fitted sneakers for a playground playdate, cozy snow boots for holiday season, or comfy sandals for their first trip to the beach. With Jenzy, you simply snap a photo of your toddler’s foot, and our shoe-fitting experts give you the best options for your little one’s next big move.

Keeping Up With Growth

In the first five years of a child’s life, feet grow at least half a size every few months. If you’re not extra diligent, your kid — along with 70% of all kids — will likely wind up wearing shoes that don’t fit! The Institute for Preventive Foot Health recommends a new pair of shoes every 4 months during the toddler years. Before Jenzy, this meant you had to make regular trips to the shoe store with your little one so a shoe-fitting expert could work their magic. Jenzy, however, brings the experts to you. The Jenzy app helps you keep in step with the terrible twos by conveniently shipping shoes that suit your toddlers’ exact measurements to your front door.

Dependable Brands

Jenzy works with well-known brands like New Balance, Keds, and Saucony, as well as young footwear companies like Livie & Luca, Aston Baby, and Poco Nido. Young adventurers getting a jump start on hiking little hills or stomping big puddles can explore the small world in durable, waterproof brands like Bogs or Keen.

Encouraging Style and Self-Confidence

Part of the fun of shopping for shoes with Jenzy is letting your kiddo pick their preferred style. When you know that you’re choosing from a selection of shoes that are already pre-approved precisely for your child’s unique feet, you get to play! The Flox by Mini Melissa is perfect for showing off ten little piggies on a summer day at the pool, and the Ace from People Footwear lets tootsies breathe without having to go barefoot.

Healthiness and Mindfulness  

While looking adorable is not not important, Jenzy makes health the top priority when it comes to your kid’s shoes (while maintaining cuteness). Tip Toey Joey shoes, for example, are ethically sourced, handmade, and include a stretch and stay elastic heel that provides comfort for youngsters and peace of mind for environmentally conscious parents. Podiatrist-approved brands like Pediped, meanwhile, offer optimum support for toddlers on the go.

Shopping Simplified

Whether they’re wearing cozy slip-on or dainty Mary Janes, kids can move around more comfortably and happily when they’re wearing shoes that fit — not only as toddlers but into adolescence and even adulthood. Jenzy helps keep your kid’s feet healthy for life by providing an easier and faster way to regularly get new shoes that fit.

So there you have it! The terrible twos aren’t so terrible when your kiddo is rocking the right shoes.