The Case for the Winter Boot

Jan 15th 2019

The Holiday season is over and we are officially in winter. It is cold, wet, and as you’re bundling up your children with mittens and hats, it’s time to invest in a good pair of warm, winter boots. You may be hesitant to pick a boot for a season in full swing, but this cold weather will be sticking around for a while, and they are definitely worth the investment. Children’s feet need extra attention in the winter and we’ve pulled together a checklist we keep in mind for every winter boot available on Jenzy!


Snow may be lovely and powdery on the day it falls, but let’s face it - most of the time during the winter we are dealing with a wet slushy mess. Your child needs a boot that is fully waterproof so that icy slush doesn’t sink in and create wet socks and frozen feet. Keeping your child’s feet dry allow them more playtime outdoors without you worrying about their feet turning into little popsicles.


Children’s feet are growing and a flexible boot is especially great for a toddler just learning how to get around. The flexibility of the boot allows them more movement of their foot for gripping and increased mobility as they find their way through the winter outdoors.


A waterproof boot is step one to providing warmth but a winter boot also needs an insulated liner. Without it your child will lose all of that body heat that help keeps  a foot warm. An insulated liner keeps that warmth inside the boot to keep your child’s foot comfortable in even the most chilly conditions.


Heavy shoes weigh a moving child down and can quickly wear them out. A lightweight option means they do not have to sacrifice play for a warm boot. At Jenzy we are looking for boots that waterproof, flexible, and warm without adding extra weight, The best of both worlds!

We’ve got a great selection of winter shoes available on Jenzy right now, and it's not too late to pick out the perfect winter option for you little one today!