The 3 Stages of Your Kids Foot Growth

Mar 13th 2019

Kids grow up so fast, and their feet grow even faster. As your little one is learning to walk, their feet are expanding in all directions. By the time they can string together a sentence, (perhaps, “Hey Mom and Dad! I need new shoes!”) the size of their feet will have doubled. Odds are, though, your toddler won’t actually know to tell you they need new shoes. So we’re here to help you understand childhood growth patterns, as well as the repercussions of ill-fitting shoes. Once you know the facts, you’ll be better able to keep your kids moving comfortably throughout their lives.

Kids Under 15 Months

Children under fifteen months experience tremendous growth: every two months, their feet grow about ½ shoe size. That means, every four months, their feet go up one entire size! Accurate shoe size is particularly important for very young children who are first discovering the joys of mobility. First of all, imagine learning to walk in shoes that don’t fit… yikes! Plus, during the first several years of your kid’s life, their feet are not fully formed, so ill-fitting shoes impede proper growth and can go on to cause serious problems over time. Now, add to this the fact that nearly 70% of kids are wearing the wrong shoe size. When we consider that most people will have logged 75,000 miles on their feet by the time they reach 50, proper shoe sizing becomes all the more urgent.

According to the Institute For Preventative Health, “The fact that a child doesn’t complain about foot pain or other conditions does not mean there aren’t any. The bones of a growing child’s feet are very flexible and can be twisted and moved without the child’s awareness.  Inspect your child’s feet regularly (at least once a week) to help ensure that he or she is showing signs of normal development.”

Kids 2-3 Years Old

By the time your kiddo’s talking, their feet will grow ½ size every 3-4 months, or about 2 full sizes every year. What’s more, at this age, the number of bones in your child’s feet make up a quarter of the bones in their whole body. Considering two to three-year-old kids take between 10,000 and 16,000 steps a day, it’s extra crucial to get their shoe size right. You might start to notice, too, that children’s shoe sizing is a lot less consistent than your shoe sizing. Not only are most children running around in shoes that don’t fit… over 90% of children’s shoes are actually smaller than the size marked. The shoe-fitting experts at Jenzy have made it possible to shop for kid’s shoes online despite these sizing discrepancies.

Kids 3-5 Years Old

When your little one enters preschool and kindergarten, their feet are still growing at the rate of about ½ size every 4 months… but once they’re surrounded by other kids, style might start to matter a little more to them, too. Because average sizes range so greatly at this developmental stage, though, shopping for the latest trend in fancy footwear takes a little extra due diligence… or the Jenzy sizing app. Either way, it’s key to find shoes that fit and look fabulous.

So now that you know the ins and outs of kid’s growth spurts, you can dress your kid in shoes that will positively impact their well-being for life!


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