Summer Sneakers for Little Kids

Jun 8th 2018

After age 4, not only can you not keep with your child’s speed, but you also can’t keep up with the rate that their feet are growing! You may feel as though you are constantly buying shoes. That’s because their foot really is growing the fastest during this time. Your child needs shoes that are secure and allow for wiggle room in the toes.

The checklist for shoes at this stage looks like this…

Does the shoe have?....

  • Flexibility. If new shoes need to be “broken in”, that’s a sign they were not made properly for a child’s natural foot development.
  • A tie-fastened or velcro closing to accommodate for different widths. Not all kids that share the same shoe size have the same type of feet. Seventy percent of kids have wide feet and their widths can change quickly!
  • Good sole traction for every playground surface
  • We prefer shoes with a heel guard for foot and ankle support

During this age, your sneaker shopping list should include:

New Balance Hook and Loop

Your kids will like the look of this sneaker while you’ll love the rubber outsole and advanced heel cushion support. There’s no need to fumble with laces because there’s also a velcro strap that makes putting these shoes on a breeze. They also come in wide and extra-wide fit in case your child needs the extra room.

Saucony Jazz

Comfort is the big selling point here. These sneakers are known to be comfortable and practical. The rubber outsole with triangular lugs makes for traction and flexibility that is good for your child’s foot at this stage. The velcro makes them easy to get on and off while still keeping them nice and snug on your child’s foot.


While the Geox sneaker may cost more than other brands, you are getting high quality shoes in return. These shoes are extremely lightweight and flexible so they really move with your child’s foot. There is also an air mesh lining and footbed that is removable and washable. The elastic lace and single strap allows for a comfortable and adjustable fit.



As you’re looking for sneakers for any age groups, be sure to use the Jenzy app to make sure you’re getting the right size. The app will help size your child’s foot correctly and then recommend a list of shoes (including many mentioned here) that are right for your child. No more painful shoe shopping ever again!