Summer Sneakers for Toddlers

Jun 4th 2018

By the time your child is a toddler it may feel like they are doing more running than walking! From the age of 18 months on they begin to feel confident on their feet which means they’ll try to do more things like running really fast and jumping all around. By the time they get to 4 and move on to little kid shoes they will be pros. You may also need a good pair of sneakers at this point to keep up with them!

During this stage the number of bones in a child’s foot will double and the fat around their foot will also being to disappear. Their shoe needs are different at this point to accommodate their growth.

Take a look at this checklist while you’re shopping:

Does the shoe have?...

  • A smooth, flexible sole like the palm of a hand to prevent sticking to the ground and tripping.
  • A rounded toe and sole that mimics the natural shape of your child’s foot. You want shoes that have rounded toe boxes to give the most room for movement.
  • A lightweight feel to it. Your child doesn’t need a clunky shoe holding them down. Walking is hard enough!

Here are three sneakers to check out:


Plae Ty Sneaker

These sneakers are great for the kid that just can’t sit still…so really, all kids! They have active traction on the bottom as well as a breathable sole. The shoe is flexible so it moves with your child’s foot. It also comes with customizable and interchangeable tabs so that your child is getting the perfect fit for their foot, not for every other kid who has the same shoe size.

Stride Rite: MadetoPlay

Stride Ride has a hit with these sneakers because they’re lightweight and have a rubber toe bumper that helps to reduce stubs and falls. The memory foam foot bed is comfy and provides much needed support. Don’t forget about the adjustable hook-and-loop front and heel straps that allow you to get just the right fit for your child’s foot.

Pediped Force (Flex)

This sneaker has the look of a “big kid” sneaker while still giving little feet just what they need at this stage. There is a flexible rubber sole that moves with your child’s foot and a breathable mesh lining. The Pediped Force Flex is also super lightweight so they won’t weigh your child’s foot down. The velcro closure makes them easy enough to get on and off without the fear of them slipping off.