Running with a Stroller: 6 Tips and Tricks

Apr 19th 2020

We all know working out can be hard to plan when you're stuck at home, especially if it means being at home with little ones. Running is growing in popularity due to the flexibility. It's an activity that can be done anywhere and at any time, but if you have kids in tow, how can you pick up the pace with a stroller? 

Running with a stroller can be a whole new world for those who have never done it. Kaitlyn Zolli, owner of FIT4MOM® Austin, put together her go-to tips for parents tackling stroller-running for the first time! 

  1. Lock Your Front Wheel. If you have a jogging stroller, you should have the ability to lock the front wheel. Some strollers come with a fixed front wheel, but many have a switch that allows you to lock or unlock it. Locking your front wheel will prevent your stroller from turning unexpectedly, making your run safer. 

fit4mom austin at jog with jenzy

  1. Determine the Safest Position for Your Child. Many jogging strollers have car seat adapters and attachments you can buy. Make sure you read your strollers manual to know when you should use these. Typically, it is advised that you keep babies in a car seat in the stroller until 6 months to prevent jostling of their heads. After 6 months, most kids can safely be put in the jogging stroller without any attachments. However, make sure you determine the safest seat and harness position for your child before taking off.
  1. Plan for your child’s schedule. If your child still naps, running just before naptime can help put your child to sleep. However, plan for the length of your run and whether your child will transition well from stroller to crib if you don’t plan to be out long enough for them to sleep. 
  1. Bring all the snacks! To make runs more pleasant for mom, we need less fussy kids to bring along. Keeping an arsenal of snacks, water, milk, and toys to give to your little ones can help keep them entertained so they aren’t begging for it to be over long before you are ready. 

  1. Play the tunes. What is your child’s FAVORITE jams? Play them. Play them on speaker. Not only will this be a great way to distract your little one but you may just find yourself singing along and taking your mind off the difficulty of the run. 
  1. Practice good form. Running with a stroller can be more taxing on your whole body. If you have an adjustable handle height, make sure it’s set to keep your chest upright and your shoulder in a good position. Make sure you can keep your typical stride but always run with a slight bend in your arms, never fully extended arms.

fit4mom run with jog with jenzy running with toddler

If you have never run with a stroller before, start small. Try a mile or an interval run (5 minute run, 5 minute walk for desired overall length).  Start on a smooth, paved and level surface. Slowly build on the length on your run and terrain. And most importantly, have fun!  

Kaitlyn Zolli is a certified fitness instructor and the owner of FIT4MOM® Austin. FIT4MOM is the nation's largest wellness company designed for moms, by moms. Dedicated to the Strength In Motherhood, FIT4MOM provides programs, classes and support for mothers throughout every stage of motherhood.

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