National Go Barefoot Day

Jun 1st 2018

We recently mentioned Soles 4 Souls in our post about shoe donation, but did you know on June 1, Soles 4 Souls celebrates National Go Barefoot Day? National Barefoot Day was started by the organization after the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami to inspire people to donate new and used shoes to underprivileged children and victims of natural disasters. Since 2005 over 19 million shoes have been donated worldwide! These shoes provide relief for adults and children allowing them to get where they need to go with protected feet!

On National Go Barefoot Day Soles 4 Souls encourages you to help their cause. There are many ways to spread the world. The first way is to Pledge your support on their website, where you can read about their impact and donate to the cause. Another option is spread the word about Go Barefoot Day on social media! Soles 4 Souls is challenging people to experience what life is like just one day without shoes. While you may not be able to go all day, you can share a pic of your bare feet and use the hashtags #Barefoot4them and #NationalGoBarefootDay.

Sharing the story behind go barefoot day is a great way to educate kids about the hardships faced around the world. Read the stories about children involved in the Soles4Souls project and then find ways that you can help together, through sharing your pictures or finding shoes to donate.