Kid Shoe Sizing 101: Checking the Fit

Jul 10th 2018

Summer is in full swing, but the new school year is just around the corner. That means another season of new shoes! When trying on a new pair of shoes, keep this go-to-guide handy to make sure that the shoes will last your child for an entire season. 

Trying on shoes at shoe store.jpg

Firstly, when your child tries on a new pair of shoes, you always want to consider what type of shoes they are. If the answer is sandals, then make sure your child is barefoot when trying them on. If it’s sneakers or boots, you’ll want to throw a pair of socks on as you would normally when wearing this type of shoe!

Once the shoes are on, make sure:


  1. Your child can move their toes freely. There should be a space the width of your thumbnail between their toes and the front of the shoe.

  2. The heel of the shoes are secure. There should be no slippage when they’re walking or jumping.

  3. The ball of your child’s foot (which is the widest part of the foot) fits comfortably within the shoe, and doesn’t feel too tight or pinched.

  4. After a day or two of wearing their new shoes, you should check your child’s foot thoroughly to ensure there are no signs of chafing. Often kids won’t realize a shoe isn’t right until after those nasty blisters appear!


Finally, be sure to check every other month to make sure their shoes are still fitting properly and that you haven’t missed any growth spurts.

We know this is a lot to remember. However, wearing the right size shoe as a child can eliminate almost 90% of foot problems that your child could develop when they are grown. Jenzy wants to make it easy for you to be confident that the shoe your child is wearing is healthy and comfortable.


With Jenzy, you’ll never have to hear “My feet hurt!” again. With a simple photo, you will receive personalized size recommendations in all the shoe brands and styles we offer. 

Remember properly fitting shoes are essential for a child's healthy foot development. Check out our new Youtube channel to see how to make sure your kid's kicks fit just right!