How to Go Green for your Thanksgiving Celebration

Nov 20th 2018

From the food to the family to the football, Thanksgiving is a day for celebration!

However, it can also run the risk of being a day for unnecessary waste. Huge meals can lead to higher electricity usage, excessive spending and other choices that negatively impact the environment. The good news is you can still go big while going green!

Here are a few tips to keep your holiday celebration eco-friendly without losing out on any of the fun.

The Prep

There are a number of simple alternatives you can opt for as you put together your holiday gathering that will cut down on excess.

For instance, ditch the paper! Make your food-shopping list on your smartphone, instead of the old-fashioned paper list — which you’ll just end up trashing as soon as you’re out of the store. Having the items stored on your phone can also serve as a handy template for future parties.

Aim for non-paper products when planning the table settings. Break out Grandma’s good china to serve the food on; if the crowd is too large, you can also opt for biodegradable products. Cloth napkins are also a great alternative to the typical paper versions.

Getting the kids geared up for the holiday can also be an opportunity to go green. Pediped has pioneered a line of shoes that are both stylish and eco-friendly. Hop onto the Jenzy app to get your youngster the best fit and then grab a new pair of shoes to get them looking good, and you feeling good! Pick out a new sweater or dress for your little one from Aquarium Kidz, which hand-draws all of its styles and prints them on organic and eco-friendly textiles.

The Meal

Instead of battling long lines at the supermarket, head to local farmer’s markets to get all of your ingredients for the big meal. Organic, locally sourced items are not only good for you, they help put money back into the local economy. Make sure to bring your own reusable bag when food shopping!

While the cooks are busy in the kitchen, send the rest of the family out for a rousing game of football. While many sports lovers may be inclined to kick back on the couch and watch the professionals on Thanksgiving, getting in the game yourself cuts down on electricity, encourages physical activity and makes valuable memories!

Have a plan for leftovers. If you have lots of yummy items in good condition, package up some meals and donate them to a local shelter or soup kitchen. You can also pack up doggie bags (reusable!) to cut down on your family members’ cooking costs throughout the following days. Compost any materials you can, and keep your recycling bins in clear view of the whole party to encourage your guests to properly sort waste.

At Jenzy, we love Thanksgiving — and we also love going green! Marrying the two will get you into the spirit of the season and help you kick off your holidays on a high note.