Halloween Costume Ideas

Oct 24th 2018

Halloween is right around the corner, and we've pulled together some costume ideas complete with some Jenzy recommended shoes! Check out our Costume picks below complete with links to buy items online.


Costumes for Kids

Space Girl Costume

Jumpsuit - Boden jumpsuit

Headband - Peppercorn Star Headband

Jacket - Planewear

Shoes - Morgan & Milo Lily


Pee Wee Costume

Suit - Appaman Grey Mod Suit

Bow Tie - Amazon Boy’s bow tie

Scooter - Radio Flyer

Shoes - Morgan & Milo Ryder sneaker


Star Princess Costume

Dress - Boden Sequin Star dress

Leggings - Appaman Gold Leggings

Crown -  Petit Peony Gold Birthday Crown

Shoes - See Kai Run Marie


Where's Waldo

Shirt - Jack Thomas Striped Rugby Shirt

Pants - Boden Navy Chinos

Hat - Amazon Striped Christmas Hat

Shoes - See Kai Run Owen boot


Hippie Costume

Shirt - Rowdy Sprout If It Makes you happy shirt

Pants - Rowdy Sprout Pants

Headband - Peppercorn crochet headband

Shoes - Livie & Luca Sonoma boot


Fox Costume

Sweater - Boden Fox Sweater

Pants - Boden Cords

Shoes - Livie & Luca Hayes Sneaker


Costumes for Babies & Toddlers 

Cat Costume

Sweater - Munter Kids Sweater

Pants -  Munster Kids Pants

Hat - Cat Hat Old Navy

Shoes - Robeez Cozy Ankle Boots


Dino Costume

Jumper - Toobydoo Little Monster Mikey

Hat - The tot

Shoes - Robeez Dino Dan


Mouse Costume

Romper - Tun Tun

Ears - Boden Pink Ears

Shoes - Robeez Gwen

All of the shoes we featured for each costume are available on the Jenzy App! Download now to size your child and pick shoes perfect for your little one's outfit.

Happy Halloween!