Flower Power Shoes for Spring

May 4th 2018

     Spring has sprung! To celebrate we have picked a bouquet of flower power shoes for every type of step your child is taking this spring. At Jenzy we look for specific shoe attributes that meet the needs of each childhood development stage,  so we've chosen shoes that check all the boxes from every category: first walkers, little kids, and big kids.


First Walkers

     The feet at this age are starting to walk, toddle, and most of all are growing! Therefore soft soles are really important. Soft soles allow first walkers’ feet to breathe move and grow, while a non skid sole prevents slipping for wobbly walkers. The shoes we have picked out are perfect for these new movers, and come in a variety of colors for those not as keen on a floral motif.

  1. Robeez - Bluebell ($14.99)
  2. Poco Nido - Mini Shoes, English Garden ($25.56)
  3. Bobux  - Daisy Chain ($30.00)


Little Kids

     Little Kids are on the move! These shoes are all weather appropriate and durable enough for some serious play. Most importantly they also feature a flexible sole which is so important for a child’s foot health! More structured than a first walker shoe, these options provide support and comfort for growing feet ready to enjoy the outdoors in style!

  1. Camper - Twins ($75.00)
  2. See Kai Run - Olivia ($50.00)
  3. Livie & Luca  - Frida Mary Jane, Poppy ($63.00)


Big Kids

     Older kids and pre-teens still need supportive and durable shoes, but want a style that is a little more grown-up. Each of these styles are easily put on and off, but can be worn while running and jumping and still stay on. These three flowery picks offer a sleeker style without compromising quality and comfort.

  1. Bogs - Rain Boot, Aster ($40.00)
  2. Morgan & Milo - Twinkle Mary Jane ($39.00)
  3. Camper  - Right ($75.00)