Finding the Recipe for Balance

Sep 29th 2018

As a mother, it feels as though we are always trying to find balance in our lives. We’re constantly looking for ways to balance work, family, hobbies and everything in between. Too much of one thing and not enough of another can make us feel as though something just isn’t right.

The same can be said when you’re in the kitchen and trying to make that perfect recipe. Too much of one ingredient and not enough of another can leave your dish tasting bland (or worse!) as you try to figure out what’s missing.

Lucky for us, mother of two and professional chef Emily Baird knows plenty when it comes to creating the perfect dish! As a private chef who has worked for celebrity clients from California to New York City, Baird says there are a lot of similarities between motherhood and cooking in the kitchen.

“Organization is key. As long as you’re really organized, it can be really fun,” says Baird. “If not, it can be a disaster!”

Baird says her mother inspired her to become a chef. As a child, she cooked with her mom, read her cookbooks, and made grocery lists of the ingredients needed to make a recipe. These days Baird creates her own recipes and is currently loving dishes that embrace fall flavors.

“During the fall I enjoy making squash, pureed vegetable soups, and roasting meats,” says Baird, “Of course, don’t forget all of the fall baking treats!”

Baird shares many of her recipes on her newly launched blog Everything You Want to Eat and says her Moroccan Chicken is one of her favorite meals to cook.

“Even my two-year-old likes it. It has interesting spices in it like tumeric and coriander. They’re eating spices and don’t even know it,” says Baird.

While her Moroccan Chicken may be one of her favorite meals to cook, she says cooking for President Obama was by far her most memorable one. Baird cooked a 3-course seated dinner during Obama’s re-election campaign. On the menu…

“I made a salad with burrata cheese, a sea bass with farmer’s market vegetables, and a lavender crème brulee,” says Baird.

While dishes like those may sound intimidating to make in your own kitchen, Baird says you can do things simply. It doesn’t need to be extremely complicated to taste really good. That’s why she likes to keep her recipes simple because that’s how she cooks at home. Baird says some of the best tasting dishes are the ones with the least ingredients.

As Baird cooks up new recipes in the kitchen, she’s also raising a family. As the mother of a 2-and-a-half and 11 month-old, Baird says finding balance is difficult and is something she’s still learning to do. After having kids she has had to learn how to do things when the kids are sleeping or when she has childcare, something many of us can relate to on a daily basis!

“Having little periods of time to myself is key to helping me balance things,” says Baird.

Since time is so precious, anything that can help save time is a bonus. That’s why things like the Jenzy app come in handy.

“I don’t like to go shoe shopping with my daughter,” says Baird. “She will refuse to try them on.” With the Jenzy app, Baird says after she measured her foot all her daughter had to do was just point to the screen and pick out the shoes she liked. Talk about an easy shopping experience!

Whether you’re trying to get your child to try on shoes or trying to cook the perfect meal, Baird says her advice to moms trying to do it all is to realize there’s no such thing as being the perfect mother.

“Embrace the chaos,” says Baird, “and remember that when things get tough, everything is temporary.”

A recipe to live by as we all search for that blissful balance.

To learn more about Emily’s recipes, follow her blog, Everything You Want to Eat and follow her on Instagram @chefemilyclaire