Finding A Little Zen In A Crazy World

Oct 18th 2017

These days we’re all looking for a little peace and tranquility wherever where we can find it. For Allison and Nick Pyle and many in their community, that peace and tranquility can be found in the Pyle’s new yoga studio, Zephyr Yoga in New Egypt, New Jersey.

“The way the world is, we dream of a more peaceful happy world. Sometimes you need to start small,” says Allison Pyle.

Start small is just what she and her husband did to get to the point they’ve reached today.

Zephyr Yoga New Egypt 1

Allison and Nick were yoga enthusiasts for a while and enjoyed practicing in Hawaii (who wouldn’t!), where they used to call home. While they would strike a pose from time to time, it wasn’t until Nick had ankle surgery that he really dove deeper into the world of yoga. He felt yoga helped him recover from his injuries quicker than therapy or other remedies.

During their honeymoon trip to an Ashtanga yoga retreat, the couple found a deeper sense of practice. Down the road, this led Nick to get trained to become a yoga instructor. Nick went through the 200 hour course, consisting of in-studio classes as well as observation and reading, while Allison practiced yoga throughout her pregnancy. Allison is also completing the same course work to become certified this fall.

Zephyr Yoga New Egypt 2

When the couple moved and realized they were travelling 25-40 minutes to different yoga studios, they knew they needed to find a new place to do their downward facing dogs. Little did they know that the new studio would turn out to be their own.

“About five months ago, we saw a for rent sign in a window,” says Pyle. “The conversation changed from someone needs to open a yoga studio to we need to open a studio.”

While becoming an entrepreneur and a new parent at the same time can be intimidating, Pyle says it’s a matter of trusting your gut.

“The fear and struggle is always there. But having your kids see you take a vision and make it a reality is huge for them,” says Pyle.

Zephyr Yoga New Egypt 3

That reality has meant a full yoga studio that offers classes for all age groups and skill levels. Besides Vinyasa flow and meditation classes, Zephr Yoga also offers family yoga, as well as children’s classes.

When it comes to teaching yoga to kids, there are countless benefits says Pyle. Yoga not only helps promote skills like focus and mindfulness, but also helps children build body awareness. They learn how to use their body and breath to stay balanced.

“The yoga studio is a safe zone, no competition, no judgment,” says Pyle. “At school, this experience can help them with focus and self-acceptance.”

Family Yoga at Zephyr Yoga, New Egypt

Whether it’s teaching kids or adults, Pyle and her husband are also coming up with new ideas and don’t want to keep themselves in a box. They recently just booked their first children’s birthday party at the studio, complete with yoga-based crafts as well as mindfulness games.

It’s all part of an ongoing effort to bring what goes on inside the studio, out to the rest of the world.

“The vision is to provide this lifestyle to the community and introduce some things to people who haven’t experienced this before,” says Pyle.

The Pyles are hoping Zephyr Yoga will touch the community by helping them become more peaceful and mindful. We like the sound of that.