DIY Monster Feet: Get Crafty This Halloween

Transform your kid's old shoes to one-of-a-kind monster feet. With just a few supplies, this quick "how-to" guide will walk you through this simple craft that is sure to be a Halloween hit!

By Jennifer Vishnevsky

October 11, 2021


Halloween is filled with fun arts & crafts activities, like carving that spooky jack-o-lantern and decorating the house for the trick or treaters. If your children have their costumes ready for Halloween, there’s usually one missing link from the costumes sold in stores: the footwear! The costume doesn’t have to stop at the ankles. The whole family has the opportunity to turn a regular pair of shoes into a spooky pair of monster feet. 

There are a lot of “how-to” guides online for different costumes, but we like this guide the best. It’s simple, requires a few ingredients, and turns out as spooky as ever!

To Make The Perfect Halloween Shoes You’ll Need:

  • A pair of walking shoes.

    • Since this project requires transforming a pair of shoes, we recommend a summer shoe that won’t fit your child next year or a sneaker that is down to its last wear. 

  • Expanding foam in a can

  • Disposable gloves

  • Newspaper

  • Spray paint (match your monster’s feet to your child’s costume) 

Start your project by heading outdoors and layering newspaper in your workspace. Place the shoes down, and mark on the newspaper which foot is left and right. Start squeezing the trigger of the foam and outlining the shoe. The foam expands, so work slowly. 

Let your kids decide how many toes the monster costume should have. Start shaping the toes on the first layer. Try to make the insides of the feet as straight as you can so that they are easy to walk in.

Add more layers of foam, pausing as each layer sets. Work your way around the back and toe of the shoe. Keep an eye out so that no parts of the shoe peek out. As the foam sets, let your child step into the shoe so that it’s balanced and easy to walk in.

Let the foam set overnight.

The next morning, it’s time to spray paint! Is your child a green monster? Lightly spray the foot with a base of gray paint, and add some accent colors, too. How about some toes? Get creative and play with the colors to make your monster feet look totally out of this world. After the paint dries, peel the newspaper from the shoes. Is it Halloween yet? 

Now that you got the hang of monster feet, think about all of the other fun, Halloween footwear crafts you can take on. Pointy witch shoes or perfect penguin feet? The list goes on and on.

Need some costume inspiration? Check out our spooktacular shoe article for some DIY costume ideas paired with our favorite kid shoes!

This article was researched and written with love by Jenzy writer, Jennifer Vishnevsky. Photos and instructions are courtesy of Dave Simon with Make.


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