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How to Keep Kids' Shoes from Smelling

Even though children’s feet are small they can have a big smell. If the odor is occurring when you take off your child’s shoe, there’s a good chance you are dealing with stinky little piggies. Good news: it’s normal.

By Eve at Jenzy

October 05, 2021


Parents often complain about their child’s stinky feet and aren’t sure how to get rid of the odor. The odor you are smelling could be a bacterial or fungal infection, or simply hygiene.  If the odor you are smelling is accompanied by peeling skin, redness or any complaints from your child, call your pediatric physician.

Otherwise, most odor will start with moisture so we will focus on keeping your child’s feet clean and dry as a prevention to stinky feet.

A Few Tips to Get Rid of Foot Odor:

  • Wash your child's feet daily. Wash between their toes when washing their feet. This is a common place for sand and dirt to become trapped. 

  • Dry your child’s feet thoroughly after each bath. Making sure to dry between their toes. (Remember that moisture is a breeding ground for odor.)

  • Use mouthwash once a week. Mouthwash fights bad breath and gingivitis, and can also help with stinky feet! This is best if done before the child’s bath. Pour a little mouthwash into a bowl or pan and have your child put their feet in it for roughly 5 min. Encourage them to wiggle their toes. The mouthwash will help fight any fungal infections.

  • Encourage your child to wear socks. Socks will absorb any extra moisture or sweat produced by the foot. Check out Jenzy’s sock selection here!

  • Avoid wearing rubber shoes for long periods of time. Rubber shoes include rain boots, Crocs, and Natives. While these shoes are great for splashing around in puddles, they are not made from absorbent materials, and could possibly promote more moisture with extended wear.

  • Find machine washable shoes. Machine washable shoes are great for stinky feet (and potty training)! You can wash the entire shoe or just the insoles. It is best to put the shoes in a pillowcase and wash with a sheet or towel for best results. Please remember that “machine washable” does NOT mean dryer friendly. Sit shoes near a window or fan to dry, and avoid drying in direct sunlight. Look for the "machine washable" tag on our products like the Tsukihoshi Sneaker or Cienta Mary Jane.

We hope our tips have provided our parents with a little fresh air! We wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t also mention a few fabulous shoe recommendations.

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