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Choosing the Right Shoes for Your Toddler

When your toddler is, well, toddling, their shoes should provide stability and style in equal measure. Whether it’s sneakers for play, snow boots for winter, or sandals for the beach, this is what Jenzy looks for in toddler shoes!

By Eve at Jenzy

November 03, 2021


You've watched your child take those unforgettable first steps and now it seems like they are always on the move! At around 2 years old, your first walker is becoming a toddler and therefore is moving into new types of footwear with new considerations.

The biggest features Jenzy looks for in toddler shoes is flexibility, durability and fit. We define toddler footwear as sizes 7.5 US to 11 US (23-28 EU). See how we define every development stage here.

Keeping Up With Growth

In the first five years of a child’s life, feet grow at least half a size every few months. The Institute for Preventive Foot Health recommends a new pair of shoes every 4 months during the toddler years. Before Jenzy, this meant you had to make regular trips to the shoe store with your little one so a shoe-fitting expert could work their magic. Jenzy, however, brings the experts to you, helping you keep in step with the terrible twos by conveniently shipping shoes that suit your toddlers’ exact measurements to your front door. Learn more about how we guarantee the perfect fit here.

Our Favorite Toddler Sneakers

Jenzy curates all the brands on our platform to make sure that we are selecting shoes that are developmentally appropriate, affordable, durable and stylish. Here are our three most popular toddler sneakers:

Saucony Jazz Hook & Loop Sneaker


The Jazz Hook & Loop is an awesome shoe at an awesome price. Built for a toddler's foot, we love the adjustable strap that can help ensure a snug, comfortable fit!

Tsukihoshi Kaz Sneaker


Three highlights of this fantastic shoe by Tsukihoshi: machine-washable, extremely lightweight, flexible, barefoot feel. This shoe has a massive fan base for a reason and if you're searching for your next favorite sneaker, give Tsukihoshi a try!

See Kai Run Kristin or Russell Sneaker


This sneaker style has new patterns every season, but the quality is consistently top-notch. Our favorite part of this shoe is the rubber toe cap that makes sure scooter rides don't end up with a hole in the toe!

Choosing the Right Everyday Sneaker  

By the time your child is a toddler, it may feel like they are doing more running than walking. From the age of 18 months on they begin to feel confident on their feet which means they’ll try to do more things like running really fast and jumping all around. As their movement increases, they’ll need a good pair of sneakers to protect their little toes and keep up with their need for speed.

During this stage, the number of bones in a child’s foot will double and the fat around their foot will also begin to disappear. Their shoe needs are different at this point to accommodate their growth.

Take a look at this checklist while you’re shopping:

Does the shoe have...

  • A smooth, flexible sole like the palm of a hand to prevent sticking to the ground and tripping?

  • A rounded toe and sole that mimics the natural shape of your child’s foot? You want shoes that have rounded toe boxes to give the most room for movement.

  • A lightweight feel to it? Your child doesn’t need a clunky shoe holding them down. Walking is hard enough!

P.S. We’ve already vetted Jenzy’s sneaker selection to ensure we offer shoes that check off all these boxes. Start shopping here!

Encouraging Style and Self-Confidence

At this age, your child probably starts to have a lot more opinions about what color or style shoe they're wearing. Part of the fun of shopping for shoes with Jenzy is letting your kiddo pick their favorite styles! When you know that you’re choosing from a selection of shoes that are already pre-approved precisely for your child’s unique feet, you get to play! Allow them to browse their child shopping page with you, peruse our seasonal collections, or check out our other blog posts with some of our favorite picks.

Shopping Simplified

Whether they’re wearing cozy slip-ons or dainty Mary Janes, kids can move around more comfortably and happily when they’re wearing shoes that fit — not only as toddlers but into adolescence and even adulthood. Jenzy helps keep your kid’s feet healthy for life by providing an easier and faster way to regularly get new shoes that fit.

So there you have it! The terrible twos aren’t so terrible when your kiddo is rocking the right shoes.


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