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Children's Shoe Size by Age

Kids’ feet grow fast--up to 9 sizes in the first 3 years. Learn more about how shoe sizing works at each stage, and get the right fit in every pair with Jenzy.

By Eve at Jenzy

November 04, 2021


How to Keep Up with Your Kid's Foot Growth

Kids grow up so fast, and their feet grow even faster. By the time they can string together a sentence, (perhaps, “Hey Mom and Dad! I need new shoes!”) the size of their feet will have doubled. Odds are, though, your toddler won’t actually know to tell you they need new shoes. We’re here to help you understand children’s foot growth so you can easily keep up with every step. 

What Size Shoe Does a 1 Year Old Wear?

First walker shoe sizes

  1. US Sizes: 4 US - 7 US

  2. EU Sizes: 19 EU - 23 EU

Children under fifteen months experience tremendous growth: every two months, their feet grow about ½ shoe size, or 3 full sizes in a year. Accurate shoe size is important for very young children who are first discovering the joys of mobility. First of all, imagine learning to walk in shoes that don’t fit… yikes! Plus, during the first several years of your child’s life, their feet are not fully formed, so ill-fitting shoes impede proper growth and can go on to cause serious problems over time. Since children at this age grow so quickly, it is important to frequently check with them that their shoes are fitting correctly.

For first steps, Jenzy recommends many brands that have the AMPA Certification (aka are Podiatrist-Approved!). Brands like See Kai Run, Saucony and Stride Rite all fit into this category because they design and construct shoes with a child's development in mind!

What Size Shoes Do 2-3 Year Olds Wear?

Toddler shoe sizes

  • US Sizes: 7.5 US - 11 US

  • EU Sizes: 24 EU - 28 EU

By the time your kiddo is talking, their feet will grow ½ size every 3-4 months, or about 2 full sizes every year. What’s more, at this age, the number of bones in your child’s feet make up a quarter of the bones in their whole body. Considering two to three-year-old kids take between 10,000 and 16,000 steps a day, it’s extra crucial to get their shoe size right. You might start to notice, too, that children’s shoe sizing is a lot less consistent than your shoe sizing. In fact, over 90% of children’s shoes are actually smaller than the size marked!

According to the Institute For Preventative Health, “The fact that a child doesn’t complain about foot pain or other conditions does not mean there aren’t any. The bones of a growing child’s feet are very flexible and can be twisted and moved without the child’s awareness. Inspect your child’s feet regularly (at least once a week) to help ensure that he or she is showing signs of normal development.”

What Size Shoes Do 3-5 Year Olds Wear?

Little Kid Shoe Sizes

  • US Sizes: 11.5 US - 13 US

  • EU Sizes: 29 EU - 30 EU

When your little one enters preschool and kindergarten, their feet are still growing at the rate of about ½ size every 4 months. Once they’re surrounded by other kids, style might start to matter a little more to them, too. Because average sizes range so greatly at this developmental stage, shopping for shoes that are stylish, supportive, and the right fit takes a little extra due diligence.

What Size Shoes Do 6-10 Year Olds Wear?

Big Kid Shoe Sizes

  • US Sizes: 13.5 US - Youth 6 US

  • EU Sizes: 31 EU - 36 EU

When your child enters grade school, their feet are growing a bit slower, but still at the rate of about ½ size every 5-6 months. At this stage, it's time to bring out the "bunny ears" trick for shoe lace tying as more athletic or dress shoe options will have laces. Kid fashion boots like Dr. Martens or Florsheim Oxford, as will athletic shoes like the Saucony Wind or Nike Air Max 270 are durable shoes with laces that complete the look!

Still feeling overwhelmed? Jenzy makes it easy to keep up with your kiddo’s growth. Once you take our fit quiz, easily shop top brands and styles and our sizing experts will choose the right size after check out. Knowing that every brand fits differently, Jenzy’s sizing always takes those differences into account: the same child might wear a size 6 US in Converse, but a size 7 US in Vans. Plus, we’ll make sure your kiddo always has room to grow!

Ready to try it out? Find your child’s fit today.

Here is Jenzy's handy kid shoe sizing chart:


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